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Althea Gibson Tennis 
Center at Empie Park
Faye Campbell 
WTL President

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                                        OCTOBER NEWSLETTER

  2 months of the ladder season have flown by. October and November usually offer the best playing conditions ~ barring another storm coming by ~ so enjoy your matches.
  Not to single anyone out, but the Men’s A1 ladder had 2 guys who each played over 10 matches this month. THAT is great and I am sure they have not turned down a challenge or waited to be called. Not dropping any names as there may be others too ~ but CONGRATS.
  Remember to register your matches BEFORE you play, report the results to your captain, display good sportsmanship, and get your 2 matches in per month.  
  Thanks to all of you for your cooperation and participation. 

                                        HAPPY OCTOBER!
Faye Campbell, WTL President